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Field Tacticians

Posted on March 01 2019

Field Tacticians

The 2060s Project, LLC is currently mapping out a plan to reach as many people known to have access to our target demographic of children.  These field soldiers may include but will not be limited to

  • Parents
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Celebrities
  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • Parent/Teacher Associations
  • Commonly aligned nonprofit organizations
  • Mentors
  • Field Advocates

The role of Field Advocate will be the most important of all roles.  These individuals will be certified as Fields Advocate with strict requirements related the following

  • Must exhibit a passion for supporting children
    • Must exhibit a clear understanding of the mission of The 2060s Project
    • Must read the entire book – Own the Change – A Values-Based Plan to Guide Our Future Leaders
    • Must exhibit extensive knowledge related to the value of our children having the REWARDS life principles instill within them
    • Must be able to articulate the supporting data linked to each of the REWARDS Life Principles (i.e. illiteracy rates among US citizens, Black American illiteracy rate compared to the rest of the country
    • Must be able to link each REWARDS life principle to a story
    • Must demonstrate a strong ability to speak in public
    • Must demonstrate the will and ability to deliver speeches to large groups
    • Must demonstrate the ability to be interactive with children and adults
    • Must have the ability and charisma to engender others to buy into The 2060s Project initiative

Through national marketing strategies, The 2060s Project, LLC will place strict focus on the profound values linked to instilling the seven REWARDS Life Principles within our target demographics starting with children reading at age three years old.  Messaging in this phase of the project will be critical.  In addition to traditional marketing, trademark branding, and social media campaign marketing, The 2060s Project leadership will leverage hundreds of Advocate -speakers whose responsibility will be to relay our message to as many children as possible through speeches at conferences (i.e. Parent Teacher Associations), school assemblies, colleges and universities assemblies, nonprofit organizations (i.e. My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, Catherine Harper for Keepers, Yes We Code, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girls Code Too, and more.

The goal is to reach and certify a minimum of one million children in the WIN REWARDS Model and Principles over the next 20 years as we forge ahead to the 2060’s decade.

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